Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Our position

Greenalia considers Equality, Diversity and Inclusion key elements that allow us to continue developing sustainable high-performance teams in harmony with business growth, while creating a community in which talent can grow, drive and transform.

We assume as a positive thing to have a diverse, creative and innovative team, in which our people are part of a dynamic and talented community, where they are accepted as they are, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion or nationality, or any other characteristic.

The formalization of our 1st Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan (2020-2023) takes us further to improve the social scenario within the company, contributing to meet the needs of the market, creating a respectful working environment and promoting better collaboration between our teams through the following principles:



  • We ensure compliance with the principle of equal treatment for women and men;
  • We promote the dissemination, knowledge and implementation of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan within the company;
  • We carry out awareness-raising and training actions for our people;
  • We collect and use the data required by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan and key indicators to improve decision-making and ensure equality and the promotion of talent based on merit;
  • We monitor and evaluate the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan and the necessary adjustments to preserve its validity and effectiveness;
  • We regularly assess the possibility of incorporating new equality measures and objectives if necessary;
  • We ensure the quality and sustainability of employment;
  • We ensure equality, diversity and inclusion, promoting non-discrimination based on race, color, age, sex, marital status, ideology, political opinions, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or any other personal, physical or social condition among our people;
  • We analyze positive action measures to correct the inequalities that arise and to promote the access of the underrepresented gender to positions of responsibility in which they have little or no representation;
  • We promote  mechanisms and procedures for selection and professional development which facilitate the presence of the underrepresentedgender, with the necessary qualifications, in all areas of  the company in which they are underrepresented;
  • We promote the  adaptation of working conditions to the gender perspective, the reconciliation of personal and working life, ensuring the elimination of all forms of discrimination;
  • We evaluate and consider the conciliation measures that promote respect for the personal and family life of its professionals and facilitate the best balance between this and the work responsibilities of both genders, highlighting, in particular, those aimed at promoting respect for the rest time of its professionals and avoiding, where possible , business communications outside working hours;
  • We eradicate the use of discriminatory language in any type of corporate communication, internal or external;
  • We ensure strict compliance with State and Regional equality laws, as well as the Equality at Work Law with the aim of eliminating the wage gap between women and men.